Top 10 Machu Picchu Secrets

One of the coolest New Year’s Celebrations of any culture on Earth has to be that of the Hmong People. This celebration goes on for several days and has so many components that it would be easy for someone to forget them all, if they had not lived them. You should study up on the Hmong New Year’s Celebrations! Of course, this is only one of many customs that the culture is known for.

RZW: Janet, my move back to St. Louis was a return…a 360 degree turn from where I began…where I was born and raised. I needed to do some ancestoral work in St. Louis and take care of my father’s estate.

Let’s look at black holes. Consider God and black holes. All galaxies have black holes. Our Milky Way galaxy apparently has many of them. The number of black holes in the universe might even be larger than the number of visible stars. To get a feeling for how intense a black hole is, to make a star into a black hole, you’d have to collapse the radius of our sun from 450,000 miles down to two miles, so it could pretty much fit in a small town, okay? Now a sun that had that kind of density would weigh more per teaspoon than Mount Everest does. That’s what a black hole would be.

Liu Xing (played by Liu Ye) is a humble but brilliant Chinese student. He comes to Valley State University and finds the transition into American life a little bumpy. But Liu has the help of a wealthy university patron, Joanna Silver (played by Meryl Streep). She immediately takes a liking to him. Then Liu joins a group of latest space news students, studies all about the universe and its relationship with dark matter, and makes a breakthrough with some unexpected side effects. This sounds like it could be either a smart sci-fi thriller or a drama that’s trying to be something it’s not. After all my research, all I can say is I’m interested. We probably won’t know anything more until April 11th.

Once again my husband and I were in the hot tub looking at stars. We were facing south, some overcast clouds when we noticed what looked like 2 stars that made eyes, with a cloud nose, and cloud mouth. We were laughing that it looked like a face. It was a perfect face. Then all of a sudden the right eye of our face started moving from south west to east. It was perfectly round and not very far away from us. An approaching for landing 747 jet passed under it ( we are in the path for the airport)and we think that’s why it started moving east. It was under the cloud cover as we watched it perfectly move into a cloud and lost it. It was not out in space at all. It was sitiing there in our face that we saw. So wierd. We see this stuff all the time. I have reported several of these sightings.

God is in ultimate control of what will happen to the universe, but cannot be blamed for what people do with their free will. He chooses to limit evil at times( Job 2:1-10). and is such a good strategist that His overall plans will succeed whatever you or I individually do. Your choices matter. Life is not just a video game that can be reset at the end without real damage. You can hurt yourself and others, even with eternal consequences.

The book was made into a very bad movie directed by Roland Emmerich, who later became more famous for Independence Day and Star Gate. It would very much be a better project in the hands of, say, Terry Gilliam.

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