Seo Is Not A One Time Event

Blogging is a hugely popular platform for those who want to make money online. Obviously blogs can work wonderfully for that purpose, but you really do want to use them correctly. Blogging is not hard at all, but there are essentially a lot of little specifics that need to be done correctly. So of course if you do not understand what you are doing, then you are in for a hard and frustrating experience. The general impact is cumulative in which the sum total might be disastrous. There certainly are a number of things people have in common whenever they make miscalculations using blogs.

Create content that people want to read. Pick a single keyword and write a blog article about it. No blog on your website? Create one. Immediately. Blogs enable search engines to associate a single concept (search term) with a single page on your website – thus boosting the relevance of that page to the search query. If you don’t have a blog then you will need to create static pages for each piece of new content – which quickly becomes burdensome for the webmaster and impossible to navigate for the search engine and potential customer visiting your site. See my Checklist for a Great Blog for tips on writing good content.

Search engines work by sending out web crawlers, bots that follow links from page to page and index every site they come across. When the site has been indexed, the search engine’s algorithm decides how far up the results page your site will be placed. Depending on the SEO AGENCY methods you employ on your page, the three search engines will place you differently. For example, maybe you end up high on MSN, but low on the other two. The trick is to understand the differences and using that knowledge to your advantage.

If they said, “Yes! We Fax our Daily Specials and Order Form to our List of local offices!” then replied, “Hey! Terrific! I can do that FOR YOU, every day…for $20 a day…$100 a week!…it is easy to set up.

This industry is not an easy one to fight your way into. There are large numbers of people trying to punch and kick their way into the MLM business. Only 3% ever keep afloat and actually make a living. The fight is on if you don’t want to get knocked out.

A one way link, in the most basic terms, refers to a link that a website uses to link to your site without your linking back. So you get one-way links from other websites without giving them a link in exchange. The catch here is to get them from high quality-respected-relevant websites.

You want somebody that knows SEO. Google and the other search engines look for specific things on your website and looks for things off your website also. You won’t get on first page without optimizing for them.

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