Avoiding Laser Tattoo Elimination

Tattoos are place on a person’s skin with the concept that they will be there forever. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that removing them is not an easy process. Below are some of the more well know ways to remove tattoos, and also some of the professionals and disadvantages for each process.

Black dyes are the easiest to remove simply because they soak up all wavelengths. Colors this kind of as eco-friendly, crimson and yellow must have selective wavelength used that are specific to their spectrum.

After each laser treatment your skin will be red and feel like it has sunburn. There may also be some bruising. When your tattoo has red in it, there might also some blister. Usually the blisters will mend within 7 times.

After the process an antibiotic ointment and a sterile dressing will be placed on the tattoo. The feeling of sunburn usually goes absent following a few of hrs. The pores and skin requirements time to mend. You ought to steer clear of that the treated region comes in contact with water for a few days. The tattoo will fade more than the next few months.

An ice pack will be applied instantly after the laser tattoo removal cost cost. The region that the tattoo is removed will also be coated with a bandage so that there will not any bacterial infections on the area due to the dust. The tattoo elimination cost is also used in many where tattoos are placed on the body.

The Ink Kind: There are various ink kinds, made from tattoo removal cost different supplies. As technologies enhances, the quality of ink utilized also critically enhances and these are more difficult to split down.

There is no need to wait around another day when you can painlessly remove that tattoo from your physique. For so lengthy individuals who get tattoos on their bodies had small recourse for getting rid of such tattoos later on on.

These are 3 of the very useful tattoo eradication treatments you could attempt to have a appear at if you need to have a tattoo wiped out. Should you be on a tight budget, you can usually select the generic treatments that are distributed commercially.

All About Luck In On-Line Poker

Party Poker has always experienced a good reputation in the poker space, wealthy “fish”. Celebration Poker recovered quickly after the departure of the U.S. market and started joining the new states, often not good at poker. This led to a large group of delicious “fish” room Party Poker.

It is fascinating how you obtain confidence after learning a new subject, method or even a new occupation. You start out as green as can be with no basis about the subject and ultimately learn all about it. The subsequent factor you know with out even recognizing it most times is that you start to exude self-confidence, you really feel comfortable and you can achieve your objective effortlessly. Poker works the exact same way. Once you slide into that confidence arena options are much simpler to make and numerous decisions do not even require any cautious considerations. You just make the judgment contact naturally and that is the way to be successful at playing a good hand of poker.

The strategy for playing and successful at agen domino is a crafty 1 consisting of taking part in mind video games with your opponent. It is a lot like using the smarts of a fox to get to the eggs; only in this case you are following the pot of cash! This method for successful goes way back again and the purpose it is nonetheless in use these days is because it can be a winner all the way about. It you learn the ability of bluffing you have just mastered the necessary techniques for successful at poker. People that comprehend other people’s thoughts and know what tends to make them tick and how they will respond can do an superb occupation of bluffing.

As another incentive, a number of websites provide a “rakeback.” The theory is comparable to getting money back again on a credit card account; gamers get a certain portion of the home’s earnings back following they’ve contributed sufficient to the rake over time. Every poker room is various, but new sites are popping up all the time offering a comparable arrangement.

Each time you look for critiques and offers in the bodog perform sure each time you get enhanced offers that none can give or provide you. One of the famous on-line tournaments that are established each week is the tournament that is heading to consider location each Sunday. It’s a assured $100k of amount of money worth for the perform. In purchase to make the poker game popular and score great name, the bodog conducts online tournaments competitions. This tends to make the players to take component with increased self-confidence in the direction of the wining of the sport. It retains promoting the online sports activities club with the on-line room along. It’s a fish paradise for the experienced online gamers.

A poker online professional is a participant who joins tournaments in and out of the country, both for cash or for fame alone. This expert participant has indeed obtained the best abilities for the sport.

When a participant desires to discard the prompt helps you to do so. It shows exactly what you want to do. 1 has to click on on the card he needs to maintain. Likewise prompts like ‘I will play these’ and ‘Discard all’ are there to help you to decide on your motion. 1 can be rest assured that just by clicking on the card will not discard it.

Become adept at playing on-line poker and reading the other individuals in the on-line space. It’s a lot tougher to determine a poker “tell” if you by no means see anybody, but individuals do have a tendency to make the same poker room betting errors more than and more than. Your job is to make sure that you do not so that you can capitalize on the losses of others.

Branding You Outlines Your Marketing Technique Plan

The important to starting a ‘green’ business is ensuring that the company idea, like any business concept, has legs. If you are going to go out into the market location to peddle your wares and solutions as green, you much better know, in your heart of hearts, how precisely your item IS eco-friendly.

If you are a serious about you enterprise then no one should hinder you from your goals. If it is your partner, think about their feelings. Is your desire to begin an on-line business going to influence your relationship? Present your methods with a little more then why you want to accomplish it. Presenting it with some of the suggestions I have outlined for you can flip negativity to a positive even supportive energy.

Most people with business ideas find your self not realizing their desires simply because of the start cost. Nevertheless, for a company like Guy AND VAN, all that are usually necesary is a van within a great operating condition. Even if you don’t have a van, the cost of obtaining you are cheap. A lot of people personal 1 kind of car or some other and for an individual trying to begin this business; you can exchange your car to acquire a van.

In current years, much more and more of us have been jumping on the green motion. We have started to believe about what kind of an influence we are having on the atmosphere, what we are putting into our bodies, and the processes used to make the everyday products that we use and love. Unfortunately, many people who are new to this greener way of lifestyle merely do not know where they ought to start, or they believe they have to invest a lot of time and cash to be in a position to make a good impact on the environment. Luckily, that is not the situation, and there are tons of fantastic ways to assist the atmosphere.

If you want to attempt some thing intelligent, offer to offer your first lawn mowing service to a buddy or family members member. That way, he or she will not be loaning you any money. Rather, they will be having to pay for your lawn care services. This is a inventive way for teens to raise money for a garden treatment business idea. It will enable you to acquire experience in lawn care and get paid at the exact same time.

Once you have a deal with on your individual funds, it’s time to tackle those initial begin up expenses and overheads. Make a list of all of the costs you will incur to get your company up and running. Look for items that are just basic unnecessary and get rid of them from your list. Research methods of conserving on costs that you cannot do without, like telephone service.

Your Financial institution – Banks are overlooked locations in the field of business advices. Most banking institutions have business advisers on employees to assist you not only to open a company account but also to give you golden advices about small business startup concept. They can be particularly helpful with the specialized and monetary elements of beginning your business.

This is a fantastic new way to discover about the world of work at house mothers. The Internet primarily based radio show discusses ways to marketplace your house business, home company suggestions and moms currently nicely established in home business are often visitors. Listeners are inspired to call into the display with any concerns that they may have. In addition on the WAHM Speak Radio web website you will find tons of educational articles and unique provides.

How To Assist Your Son Attain His Eagle Rank In Boy Scouts

Celebrate Earth Working day in Junction Metropolis is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 18th from eight:00 A.M. till Midday, CST with a City Broad Clean Up. Sponsored by the Junction City Law enforcement Division this nearby Earth Working day Occasion promises to be a fun and gratifying experience. Individuals will report to the Spin Metropolis parking great deal on April 18th to be assigned an region to “clean-up”. By eight:30 A.M. participants will drive to their assigned areas and get active cleaning up our beautiful city. Trash and debris will be picked up in nearby parks as well as numerous other locations inside the city by volunteers. All participants are then invited to return to Spin City at eleven:30 AM for lunch provided by the City of Junction City.

This is an superb path for a new comer to the city to get a really feel of the instead in depth greenway method that runs through the metropolis, as nicely as obtaining a feel for the housing choices that exist here.

The Burns Flat – Dill Metropolis area is currently well known for its Boy Scout Tours by the exact same quantity. This troop has perhaps the highest per capita number of Eagle Scouts in the country.

This camp plan is a enjoyable right away stay for your family members or your scout troop. You will get to discover about the marine animals, appreciate all of the rides and shows Sea World has to offer, rest next to the animals, and have breakfast with them the next early morning. The family sleepover camps run from June to Oct. The Woman Scout troop camps operate from Might to December. The Boy Scout Tour camps run from Might to November. The charges consist of dinner and breakfast the subsequent day, enjoyable actions, a sleepover t-shirt, and admission to Sea Globe following the sleepover is completed.

Apply the flag to the board with decoupage liquid, such as Mod Podge. Use the liquid for glue, and then apply a 2nd coat on top. Use a enthusiast to help it dry to the touch.

There are also special badges that the boys can make. 1 this kind of badge is the BSA Lifeguard badge. In earning this badge, your child will learn boating, lifesaving, and advanced rescuing abilities. Although this and other unique badges will not assist your child advance in rank, they will give your son self-confidence in himself and his skills to grow into a fine young man.

I went a methods down Wade Avenue past Hymettus Woods, a pretty little enclave of a park with a couple of picnic tables; there were actions down into the park but it was unclear whether the park is linked to the Greenway. There were no signs to indicate 1 way or the other the partnership between the park and the Greenway, if any.

Halloween occasions 2009 in Dallas-Fort Really worth are celebrated so elaborately that it might be difficult to choose the best attraction for your family. Most of these parks will open up on the last 7 days of September and might last till mid-November, so you have pretty sufficient time to decide. Just make sure you consider plenty of precaution, put on your spookiest costume, and bring your bravest selves when you do verify out and these hotspots. Happy Halloween!

The Forex System That Makes Me Money

Ever day-dream about how you could potentially make an amazing music video clip your band could broadcast to the world ? That thought has occurred to numerous people in bands these times. Some have even attempted to take action to help make that happen. Most just appear at it briefly, then dismiss the concept. Sometimes it is simply because they do not know exactly where to start. In other cases it is simply because the primary concept may be a massive unidentified region. Sometimes they fall the idea simply because they believe that they can’t do it.

Once you are through with your selection requirements for the very best software. You just need to duplicate the entire information of the authentic game disc and paste it into your blank DVD. Many individuals utilized mod chip for copying PS2 video games, but this is not secure as it is lawfully corrupt apply. So, I would recommend you to copy PS2 video games with the assist of software program and not with a mod chip. Using a mod chip directly makes your warranty ineffective. You should use software, in order to be in secure hands and get good copies of your games. If you follow my instructions you can copy PS2 games with the software effortlessly. You don’t need to worry about the software. They are very easy to use and you get great copies. The copies that you put together by utilizing software program to copy PS2 are sometimes truly like the original one.

You are probably questioning by now exactly what you do with Local Sniper. You don’t have to do much at all. All you do is appear for a hole in your local neighborhood, with the assist of Local Sniper and interact with businesses in your local neighbourhood. These companies in return provide you with Affiliate Fee that you bank on. It’s really that simple and it’s not just focused to your local companies either. The possibilities are limitless and you can be gaining commissions from companies about the World as soon as you’re good at it!

When searching, believe about the phrases you would use and those that your children might use. It’s extremely simple to get totally unexpected or inappropriate outcomes due to a typo, or utilizing a phrase that has two meanings. Why not make use of parental controls and options accessible in internet browsers, dedicated download change my software, and in search engines.

Construction companies frequently require “certified” payrolls and job cost records as well. Give cautious thought to start about what you truly require from a payroll system. You require enough computer energy to get the job done. But much more system than you need will price you in extra expenses for learning and coaching. Plan for your real requirements.

These assets may occasionally be in electronic form. The most common of these being bonds and shares. That is why it’s so vital to have and make use of a plan that may allow them to maintain online software track of each of the ones they have. Or else how may they understand the worth of every of them.

With the surge of new defeat makers, more innovative defeat creating software program arrived out. These software program programs enabled music producers to produce techno beats, hip hop beats and many much more at an affordable cost. 1 of these extremely helpful beat creating software applications is DubTurbo.

Now how can you find these free satellite Tv stations? First off, most stations have already been providing free tv off their web sites for fairly some time. If you know what website you want to go to, kind this in. If you don’t know where to get these stations, then a fast web site search will assist. By inserting catch phrases such as satellite Television online or free Internet satellite Television, your lookup can yield numerous results.

How Business Coaching Can Improve Your Sales

How would you like to accomplish something you want, faster? There is a magic formula that is available to any and everybody who desires just that! It’s a secret that is truly potent but occasionally hard to understand and take action around. It’s simple, however tough at the exact same time. But when you get it, you’ve got the important to unlock the achievement of your objectives.

This is 1 region a great deal of people battle with. It can be very easy for you to go well more than spending budget if you are handling the occasion by yourself. There are always sudden costs that appear to crop up. Nonetheless, if you look for the aid of a quality charlotte tours then you can relaxation certain that you won’t go more than budget. You can set a strict quantity from the get go. The business will tell you what you can realistically anticipate for your cash, yet they will also work hard to make sure you get the most for your money at the same time.

It is better to routine a go to to only one wedding hall a working day. This way you will be in a position to take a thorough appear on the hall and comprehend the numerous solutions provided by them. Never make a go to with out taking an appointment. There are probabilities that you might not be permitted to go to certain wedding ceremony locations if you don’t have an appointment. By no means miss to keep up your appointment.

And so the Endless (a lot comparable to the over borders isle) listing and tables and pass on sheets appear, proffered as a outcome of each web site and journal and tom, dick and harry that’s considered the topic. The planning!! All the sayings tend to be true on planning – Poor Contemplating your component does not constitute an unexpected unexpected emergency on my component; He who doesn’t plan, plans to are unsuccessful; Planning is deliver the longer term into these days to be able to do some thing about it now; Organizing is that which you do before you take actions, so that when you need to do it, it is not all mixed up; When arranging a yr, plant corn. When preparing for a 10 years, plant trees. When planning for life, train and train individuals (Get out that leaf blower and teach ’em to fish Megan! ).

Along with obtaining Katie to declare her value in all aspects, Eli’s coaching provided her concrete strategies and resources for financial achievement. Katie’s initial assignment was her hardest: envisioning herself currently succeeding in her new career. She was to create what Eli called a ‘Success Script. In the exercise, Katie was to write about herself as if she experienced actually already achieved her greatest profession objectives. And she was to describe it as vividly and boldly as feasible. “It was so scary for me in the beginning.” says Katie. “I didn’t want to do it. Because creating these issues down tends to make it real.” But courage and dedication prevailed. And create it she did. As soon as she acknowledged what she needed, the results were instant. Inside 3 weeks, she booked the private Pearl Jam live performance.

It isn’t a great concept to put off your event planning companies though. If you don’t give adequate discover to the wedding event supplier, it’s most likely that you’ll finish up becoming dissatisfied – they could be booked up to carry out somewhere else in another wedding. Even if enjoyment isn’t that essential an ingredient in the successful carrying off of a wedding ceremony, it isn’t heading to really feel fairly as fulfilling, a wedding ceremony with out the soundtrack of your option. The less notice you give an entertainment supplier prior to the occasion, the more they’ll cost you. You require to give your self time to shop around too.

Good wholesome, hearty and fashionable Italian food can be guaranteed to satisfy every one of your wedding visitors and the pleased couple if you hire Arthur Chance Caterers. If you want meals from the heart of “Little Italy” then this can be the best of the preferred for wedding caterers. Bread, pastas, cheeses and the marinated vegetables are just a common menu with Arthur Avenue Caterers. Go to them online here or reach them at 718-295-5033 relating to the phone. Prices accessible when request.

Planners are extremely good at overseeing the whole function. Evidently, they assist their customers avoid issues on the working day of the occasion. Should there be an emergency, they will be the ones to repair the problem.

Good And Poor Information And Also Rumors Regarding Android

Since Apple’s effortlessly available, user-friendly applications, the concept is launched, the intelligent phone ownership has never been so a lot enjoyable. But the problem with Apple is that they are a shut club. Either an Apple fan boy (or woman) are performing or you do not. However, Android with Google altered all that. Intelligent Phone Apps with longer considered the exclusive domain of the condition is now Apple. Also, with the introduction of Home windows seven telephone, smart phone software marketplace is expanding quickly.

If you want an application that will visually show the current climate via radar, Radar Now! Is your very best free windows android online application option. Simple and fast, Radar Now! provides you what you need without any trouble.

The phone’s capacitive display interface is also noticeably responsive and fast. As for this telephone, an additional vibrating feedback feature that can be used only for some features is also useful though you can nonetheless turn it off.

Now, you might be considering I don’t have any idea how to produce that kind of software or any software program for that matter. Well, there are people all over the world that do have the know-how to get the occupation done. What you do is visit some outsourcing websites such as Odesk, Elance, or GetaFreelance, publish your idea, choose the individual you’d like to produce the software, then pay them to have it created.

Other features include Bluetooth two.1 + EDR, Wifi, GPS, and a full QWERTY sliding keyboard. The keyboard configuration suggests the telephone might best android emulator Honeycomb.

The evaluation and the option of the software might be the initial hurdle that you may be facing. Next too, there are several other hurdles that you will have to combine and 1 of the primary ones is the power that you have to market the software program. The web revenue of the making use of will be the best one. Conventional income are significantly decreased in quantity.

Mass community is by no means happy with the technology and are usually hungry for new and revolutionary technical developments. In the field of cellular computing and cellular games, there is no end or no searching back. Everyday is a new working day and something or the other new improvement happens. One will not have to wait around much longer to see a giant leap in the quantity of customers utilizing android on computer, android on computer, android applications for pc .

Instructions For The Ept Early Pregnancy Test

A good pregnancy check is 1 of those times in lifestyle when you just have to quit for a moment and stare at what’s right in front of you. You might not think it because you’ve been longing for it. Finally, the wait around is over. You’ve reached the finish of this specific milestone; you are pregnant. Now you have to go via the next 9 months, achieving small milestones as you go till you lastly meet the infant you want so a lot.

Furthermore, at-home being pregnant tests are as a lot as 99 percent accurate when used on the working day of your skipped period. When used prior to this day, your check could be much less correct, supplying you with a untrue negative. If you take a check early and you obtain a good result, you can relaxation assured that you are extremely most likely expecting. A false good outcome is extremely, very rare.

There are a number of factors to blame for a untrue negative toothpaste pregnancy test. The most typical however, is absolutely nothing you can manage on your personal or that your doctor can control. The most common reason for a false negative being pregnant check is the low degree of h-CG in your urine. This pregnancy hormone is a bit much more complex than most women think. Some ladies don’t realize that it doesn’t begin to create in their physique for several times to a 7 days after they really conceive.

Thyroid-stimulating hormone test. This is carried out to check if an irregular time period is brought on by a feasible thyroid problem. Again, this is another blood check. Prior to taking this however, please inform your physician if you were exposed to radioactivity or had an X-ray that utilized iodine dye inside the final 4 to six weeks. If so, the test outcomes might not be correct, so you have to wait around for a couple much more months prior to getting this test.

I went house to wait for the phone call on my results. I received home and paced in my living space homemade pregnancy test trying to disregard everybody that was in my house. The telephone rang and my space mate answered and stated it was the hospital and that they wanted to speak to me. I received on the phone stated this was Sarah, she said my results had been in and she wanted to be the first to say congratulations. I just said oh okay as I hung up the phone and threw up all more than the kitchen area flooring.

So following a couple of months of getting prepared on our own with the nutritional vitamins and ayurvedic herbs, we embarked on our fourth IVF cycle in September of 2009. Our egg retrieval and fertilization created five beautiful, higher quality embryos. We transferred 3 on November 1, 2009 and began the long two week wait. The remaining two embryos which we tried to freeze did not make it unfortunately. I was sure that this intended that the cycle was as soon as once more doomed.

For the latest in news in Tv, simply click the “Subscribe” button on the top of the web page. Notifications of all the newest information will be sent to your inbox.

Again, just mix your urine with the bleach. If it fizzes or turn out to be a little frothy, then there is a opportunity that you might be pregnant. As I said prior to, none of these do-it-yourself tests are one hundred%twenty five correct. They can only be utilized as a manual. To find out if you are truly pregnant you will require to visit your doctor. If you don’t want to see a physician then goes to the local drugstore and pick up a pregnancy test kit. Consider it house and do the check. Early being pregnant detection is extremely important. So if you think you are expecting make certain you get tested.

How To Be Festively Frugal And Nonetheless Afford All The Usual Christmas Gifts

Moms, are you enjoying the summer? What ideas have you produced for your family members? This article is developed to give you some ideas of how to make this the best summer ever for your family.

Choose wisely. First, understand that if the sport is appropriate developmentally, the kid ought to normally win some of the time. Occasionally I am blown away that my son wins when I thought I’d win for sure. If your kid doesn’t, selected a simpler sport childrens board games .

On the first day of holiday, I like to allow everyone rest late and have a nice leisurely breakfast of donuts or some simple meal like that. I think that a lazy day is the very best way to recharge. For example, we have a lot of childrens board game, and a sport of monopoly or checkers is a enjoyable and relaxing way to pass the time. While the kids are playing, I favor to relax with a guide. I am interested in so many forms of literature, so I do not have numerous specifications as to the genre. All I inquire is that it is absorbing enough to keep me reading, but I also want to be in a position to put it down when essential. Rereading a book is generally the best way to go. Essentially, I just want our family to have a day with each other with no chores or locations to be.

Children board games are enjoyable and family friendly. Cluedo is another family friendly board contest. In Cluedo the family members associates or kids taking part in the sport have to find the assassin by rotation of cards. In this sport one requirements to think a lot. The brain therefore gets exercised and therefore this game is a very healthy 1 from this point of view. These board games are fun. Not only the kids but also the grownups enjoy playing these games most of the occasions. It is enjoyable and satisfaction and a feeling of togetherness which these video games give. Appreciate these games with your kids and your family members. Keep in mind when you think of kids board games, also think enjoyable, excitement, competition, and usually, family members.

There are several board video games specifically created for the younger children and there are many of the traditional video games that arrive in “junior” editions. Be cautious although because kid-geared games this kind of as Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, and HiHo Cherry O’ are fantastic options for children but place the older opponents to rest. However, there are board games that are both simple sufficient for the younger children and entertaining for the older gamers. Right here is a checklist of just a few.

If the children are heading someplace exactly where they can’t play video clip video games, like summer time camp, think about providing them a compact game to take like Blokus Travel, Fluxx, Carcassonne or Settlers of Catan Journey Version, or the Ticket to Trip card sport.

Project-based toys such as model airplanes, cars, ships, bead or jewelry kits to assist improve good motor skills. Not only do these projects strengthen motor skills, children also discover to adhere to instructions and have a venture they can function on for times. Leggo and building kits with directions. Even Puzzles!

Have You Made Summertime Prepare For Your Kid?

White Oaks Stables in Wilkes is offering Summer Camp for kids. This is a terrific chance for house education families in Wilkesboro and surrounding areas to send their kids. The camp dates are starting in June. The camp will present house schooled kids and others into the world of Horses. The camp will be teaching about Horse care and handling. They will likewise worry standard riding abilities. No experience with horses is essential. White Oak Stables camp will teach kids of all ages about Horses.

Selecting a camp, whether it is a Maine sleep away camp-away camp or a day camp can be an extremely complicated process. First you need to figure out exactly what type of camp your kid would take pleasure in. You have to figure out when the camp is offered and does it satisfy your scheduling needs as soon as you do that. Then, you need to discover the camp’s qualifications and accreditations as well as looking into the staffing and facilities offered. Finally, you need to take expenses into account.

Make certain that you make certain that any deals with that you send to camp are allowed. If your kid is restricted from certain deals with than make sure to send out great deals of the treats they are allowed. It is great to send out enough to share, however if your kid can just have sugarless candy makes sure to send enough for personal use at least. You should likewise be sure the child has adequate money in their camp shop account which personnel understands any limitations on things they can purchase.

There are normally camps that are geared to different sports and there may be an “all sports” camp where there are a variety of sports played. There are usually art camps, theatre camps, music camps, computer camps, area camps, and even camps that are really basic with a range of activities every day. Deciding what kind of camp is ideal for your kid is a matter of knowing exactly what your child likes. , if there are no strong likes or dislikes a basic camp with a variety of activities may be best so that your kid can try brand-new things and find exactly what he or she likes..

Boston Kid’s Theater operates a Sleep away camps who and getting in the second grade up to seventh grade. They will get a complete immersion in the arts and for a child who loves to perform this will be a best program. There will be classes in acting, dance, vocal music, design, play writing, juggling and more, essentially everything child needs to learn more about entertainment. They have two session and the child can attend either one or both.

Fill numerous duffle bags with different props-toothbrush, tinfoil, feather boa-you name it. Break into teams and in 15 minutes develop a skit to perform for the whole group utilizing all the props.

When choosing which camp to select, it is good to take into factor to consider your child’s age, likes or dislikes, and expectations. Although a little persuasion might be required, you do not wish to require your kid into a camp that does not fit them. Include your kid in the choice procedure. Make it an exciting time and you and your child will be sure to gain from your collective decision. Summer season camps will not only keep your kids entertained, they will likewise create life-long relationships and long lasting memories!